When you need an accomplished team of personal injury attorneys in the Rocky Hill area, call  Vargas Chapman Woods LLC.  If you believe you are victim of another party's negligence, do not delay getting counsel. If your injuries are not severe you may wonder if legal representation is even necessary. Consult with a personal injury attorney before accepting any settlements. One of the roles of your attorney is to conduct an independent investigation into your accident. Your lawyer must also explain how an accident may affect your rights.

When your case goes to court, you want the most experienced personal injury lawyer to represent you. As a group, Vargas Chapman Woods has amassed over 75 years of experience in personal injury law. Your lawyer is there to provide guidance in how and when to communicate to others involved in the incident. If your injuries are serious, there will be ongoing medical treatments to consider. Do you have questions about your accident and the law? Call Vargas Chapman Woods LLC and get those questions answered.  (860) 754-1400.


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